Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Newest Addition...

So I've dropped the ball on this blog big time! But can you blame me for wanting to spend every minute of everyday with this little one :)

But....back to the world of design....I'm always looking for a great rug to complete a space without breaking the bank. In the latest issue of Canadian House & Home I came across a great DIY project which will transform a plain (inexpensive) sisal rug, into...well anything you only a few steps.
1. Map out your pattern with painters tape
2. If you chose a stripe patten a foam roller works best, if you went for something more intricate stick with the good old paint brush & paint your pattern using an exterior grade paint (it will hold up better than interior paint)
3. Apply 3-5 coats and let the rug dry overnight
4. Remove the tape in the morning - and instant transformation!

I haven't yet given this one a try but plan to do so in an upcoming home office project!