Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Organization Station

My husband hates when I say that....but being Obsessive Compulsive isn't easy! Everything needs to have its place and I can think of a more fun way to organize then with COLOR!

Keep toys looking organized by grouping them by color!

Have open cabinets or shelving? Neatly stack coordinating dishes & glasses together for a clean look

Have a collection of old perfume bottles, vases or anything else that builds a home stuck in closet somewhere? Group them together for a great display of texture and color!

If only my closet looked like this! Grouping clothes by color helps make your closet feel organized!

Got a book collection the size of a small library? Display them together by color to create a great piece of art!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Manic Mondays...

Just browsing the website of Post Ranch Inn located in Big Sur California is enough to make you feel relaxed. The small luxury hotel offer rustic elegance along with comfort and amazing views of the Ventana Mountains & Pacific Ocean. I would strongly recommend popping on their website & if your feeling froggy...book a night at their Cliff House Room for only $2,185.00 :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Missoni Madness

{MISSONI FABRICS} are popping up EVERYWHERE! With their multitude of patterns such as stripes, geometrics & abstract florals in a kaleidoscope of colors they are the perfect pop to any wardrobe or home!

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Great SPRING fashion from Missoni

Roche Bobois' Boston Showroom has some GREAT floor displays using Missoni style upholstery and pillows

The above poofs are from Belljar coming in a variety of colors and offering coordinating pillows & accessories. Also - check our Amy Butler Fabrics for great Missoni inspired pillows & textiles

Thursday, March 19, 2009

GREY....but not gloomy

{Monochromatic spaces are a great way to make a space feel relaxed, sophisticated & organized}

I love the open storage of the island in this kitchen and the hanging pots above. While there is a lot going on the monochromatic palette help keep all the items cohesive. Everyday items such as fruits, vegetables, pitcher etc add a pop of color without feeling out of place

Texture & Layers help this monochromatic living room feel warm and cozy

I love the sophistication of this breakfast room! Mixing the 3 chairs with the settee keeps it inviting - need some color? Add some fresh cut flowers for a simple yet elegant centerpiece

{Layers of grey!}

Add some pattern for a punch...

The combination of greys, texture and metals gives this bathroom it's polished look

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


{The job of an Interior Designer is to improve the quality of life, increase productivity, and to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public within the spaces they design}

With all the new products out lately helping to promote GREEN DESIGN I thought I would would post some simple alternatives that can help to make SUBSTANTIAL changes in our environment

Many fabric companies are offering "Eco Friendly" fabrics made from recycled and renewable resources. Brentano offers a great line of green products such as there organic cottons, bamboo fabrics, and eco- wool. I also came across a company called Iron Age Grates which make heating registers from recycled cast iron and environmentally friendly oil or powder coat finishes (not to mention some really cool designs). Your typically shower head probably uses 2.5 gallons of water a minute but switching to an aerated shower head that uses 1.5 GPM one person can save 2,500 gallons of water a year! Check out Kohlers Eco - Friendly shower heads, faucets, and toilets. Yolo Paints makes one of the only completely VOC free interior & exterior paints out there. VOC's are those awful smelling toxins that are released into the air every time we paint a space. Many other paint companies also make "Low VOC Paints" as well

Waterfall Bath carries a GREAT line on bath vanities made from formaldehyde free FCS certified woods and finished in low VOC paints. The offer Cesar Stone counter tops or 3-Forms 100%. 100% is a new product from ASI made from 100% post consumer recycled materials. Over 1,000 milk bottles going into making each panel of the material!

Thinking of refinishing your floors? Opt for Bamboo flooring over other wood choices. Bamboo is a rapidly renewing material as Bamboo trees regrow in only a few years. Check ASI for a variety of options. Ripple Products offers fun timers that are water and steam resistant - stick one in your shower to remind you when your 7 minute time limit is up!
Do yo use a wood a pellet stove during the never ending New England winters to heat your home? Gaiam offer an "Eco-Fan" to circulate the warmth throughout your home. The Eco-Fan generates its own electricity using the temperature from the stove. It then draws the cool air from behind the stove to circulate the heat.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Pillow Talk

I couldn't resist! These bright bold colors were a great pick me up at the end of the day!!

Need a quick fix for spring - punch up your space with some fun new pillows - great finds at cb2, Etsy, & Tonic Home

Take A Break From Manic Mondays

{Serene Scenes}
Need a break from the work week already? These spaces are all about relaxation!

I love the clean/soft look of this bedroom. The pattern on the drapes is just enough to add visual interest as well as a pop of soft yellow. The Lucite legs of the benches and the clear glass table lamp bring an elegant feel

Everything about this bath is relaxing!I love the tub being placed in front of the large picture window, allowing a ton of natural light to pour in. Also the cool Calcutta tiles are balanced really well with the warm wood floors

Lunch break in this backyard anyone?

A few more examples of how strong of a component natural light can be! I think the greatest thing about these two images is they are load with layers! The chunky texture of the rattan chairs sitting on top of the sisal rug give a ton of dimension to the room without the feel of clutter. The petrified wood side table adds another natural texture - and the Lucite cocktail table relates the floor to ceiling windows that lay beyond the seating arrangement

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sketch Pad

I'm currently working on....

A private residence, who's scope includes expanding & remodeling not 1 but 2 master bedroom closets for a client. One closet will hold just clothes, the other is for shoes, bags, and accessories. When I tell you she has more shoes than Macy's I'm not exaggerating! I'm not talking any shoes, I mean Jimmy Choo's, Christian Louboutin, D&G, Prada, Valentino, Versace....oh to be a shoe in her closet....I'm going for the Hollywood Glam - Screen Goddess feel....below are my "inspiration images"

Want the look for less?
Check out The Container Store's Elfa Collection for a more budget friendly way to organize your closet.

Friday's Fab Finds

Another Day at The Boston Design Center...
I was walking by Janus Et Cie at the Boston Design Center today and their new showroom is GORGEOUS!! They expanded their line to so much more than outdoor furniture...

Their new collection of cowhide rugs come in fresh shades of greys, whites, and a splash of green. Create any size by sewing together the 12"x12" square with matching stitching or great contrasting leather.

Another great steel from there "Details" collection is their Folly & Dali candlestick holders. They come in polished chrome and polished nickel.....great find at an outdoor furniture showroom!

I'm in LOVE with their new Ambition ceramic glazed vases....they totally scream "girly girl" but the Shabby Chic feel is balanced by the over sized scale to give it a funky mod feel. The largest is 20" tall x 18" diameter...shockingly enough they are reasonably priced!

THINK SPRING {on a budget}
I just received the new West Elm Spring/Summer catalog and I LOVE the new outdoor furniture & accessories


Great floor cushion & pillows made using indoor/outdoor fabrics

New side tables lacquered in bold bright colors, sea glass lamps with linen shades, and new lacquered or natural woven trays are a few of there great accessories that will freshen up any space for spring!