Monday, February 22, 2010

Nursery Works Chapter 3

Paint & Drapery Complete!

Before (yikes!).....

During - after 5 hours of taping and countless times of my husband and I saying "yellow, white, yellow, white, yellow white! God forbid we paint a line out of sequence!


And the Roman Shades actually work!

Up next:
Furniture, Art & Accessories...

Friday, February 19, 2010

DIY Weekend Project

Need a reason to stay away from the cold outdoors this weekend? How about a little DIY project....freshen up that old chair you have stashed in your attic or basement

Dark & Dreary...

Polished to Perfection!
What You'll Need:
-Fine Grit Sandpaper
-Paint Brush
-1 quart of latex primer
-1 quart of latex paint in a semi gloss finish
-Pliers (for removing the staples from your old chair)
-Staple Gun
-Nail Head Tacks or Grosgrain ribbon (Your choice!)
-1 yard of fabric

Step 1: "Select Your Finishes" Bright & Bold or Soft & Subtle
Will your new chair be used as an accent piece in the corner of the room - or as an extra seat to be pulled up to the dinner table for guests? Determine whether you want the chair to be a focal point or blend with your current pieces. Pick your accents - nail head tacks or a a simple ribbon can add just the right detail!

Step 2: "Sand, Prime, & Paint"
Use your fine grit sandpaper to scuff up the old wood frame to accept the new paint. Apply one coat of primer, then two top coats of your color of choice
Step 3: Reupholster Your Seat
Flip the chair over and unscrew the seat to remove. Use your pliers to remove the staples holding the original fabric in place. With your fabric face down on a table place your chair seat (face down) on the fabric. Pull the fabric tight and place one staple in middle of the seat (width wise) repeat at the opposite side and then continue your staples working your way out to the corners. Once you get to the corners you want to fold them in, tuck them towards the bottom of the seat and staple.

Step 4: "Finishing Touches"
If you are using your nail head tacks apply them to the front and side edges of the seat - or glue on your ribbon

Now pull up a seat and relax!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Before and After

At some point everyone has that one room in there home that becomes the "dumping ground" for furniture odds an ends. Below is a great transformation of a boring mismatched room with odds and ends - to a fresh new space!

Get this look on a budget with....

The one and only Expedit bookcase from Ikea at $199 is a steal. Since this bookcase has an open back you could achieve the contrast color in a few ways:

1. Paint the entire wall behind the bookcase your accent color

2. Get a few sheets of plywood- paint them up and nail them to the back of the bookcase - or find a great wall paper pattern and use that as your accent behind the bookcase

Crate & Barrel's Hennessy Sofa for $999 - has a long and low design perfect for afloating infront of a wall of shelving - remember furniture doesn't always have to be jammed up against a wall!

Ikeas's Vejmon Cocktail Table at $149 has a second shelf for extra storage

Don't forget your lighting layers or! This fabulous pendant with glass finial is only $89.99

West Elm's Jute Diamond Rug adds subtle texture and pattern - $299 for an 8'x10'

Ikea's Stockholm Sofa Table can double as a writing desk by slipping a small stool under it - or set it up as a bar with a great tray and cocktail glasses ($199)

Simple Shaker Style Brighton end table from Crate and Barrel gives you 2 shelves and a drawer for only $199

Chair option A & B
Option A: the Dalton Leather chair from Tarjae - that's designer code for Target :) its a great peice at a great price for only $599
Option B: would be a splurge at $1300 from William Sonoma Home - but come on - throw that punch of orange in front of those walls and your room screams "come hang out here!)
Now accessorize!! Take those old pillows you have - get yourself to JoAnn Fabrics and you have and instant upgrade for only $7 tops maybe! And who doesn't have an extra lamp or two laying around....try swapping out the lampshade - or spray painting the lamp itself for a quick fix!
All in have fresh new space all under $3,000
Tip to keep in mind: When re-doing an entire room - make sure to mix and match your finishes- if everything is the same finish or material it may end up looking more static than inviting!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nursery Works Chapter 2

Custom Inside Mount Roman Shades made by...oh right, ME! Say's the girl who has never once sat in front of a sewing machine before! I have to say - so far so good! I found a great front fabric at Jo Ann's Fabric for $5 a yard (basically a steal!) and a blackout lining and I was good to go....oh along with A LOT of help from a FANTASTIC website Terrell Designs. If you are up for the "roman shade challenge" I highly recommend starting here. Her step by step instructions are fabulous, she has a hardware calculator on the website so you can figure out all the parts, quantities & measurements you need and you can order everything directly from her website (a a really good price!)

All sewed up! Ready to install the batons, make a head rail, sew on the rings, and string em up!
Tune in next time for installation shots (fingers crossed!)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Freshen Up With Crate & Barrel

I ran into Crate & Barrel last night to grab a wedding shower gift and was pleasantly surprised at some of there new furniture & accessories...

Trace Chair in putty creates clean lines, with its contrast piping, the Paloma square table & Bedford Pine Chest are great new pieces that have a worn & weathered feel
Sophisticated Stripes anyone? P.S. Note the naileheads on the Tailor Sofa

SPRING WILL COME - and if it doesn't you can still decorate like its here with these fun Village Side Chairs in white, yellow, blue or green. Also the Parker Chair in Wanda Cream is a great punch of pattern for a tired room

Brighten up that dining table!

Start the day off right with these brightly color Breakfast Mugs & Juice Glasses

Punch up a room with bold accessories (which can easily be changed out with the seasons!)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"A Modern Take On Rustic Style"

Its no secret that I have a strange obsession with anything that looks like it was pulled out of an old farmhouse - which is why I loved the "Peak Performance" article in November's Elle Decor (yes I am try to catch up on my stacks on magazines!) The walnut table by Hudson Furniture paired with the glass drops of the chandelier from Ochre is a perfect pair of old mixed with new. The nail heads on the chairs give it just enough formality and I think the "barn style" sliding door that separates the dining room & kitchen speaks all for itself...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nursery Works - Chapter 1

Ready.....Set.....Go....its time to get the nursery in order! My idea's are planned, now its time to put them into action! We are doing yellow and white stripes wrapping around the room, white furniture, custom roman shades, & pops of pink & green...

Stay tuned for the progress reports...